Sangiovese Brunello

One year ago, 2013, “out of the blue” it hit us! Why not find out if we can grow wine grapes in our “back 40.” 

Well, today we have a beautiful backyard full of Sangiovese Brunello vines, dancing in the morning sun and swaying in the afternoon breezes!

Crocodile Ridge Vineyard

Bill and Linda Morley

Bill and I fell in love with Ramona 14 years ago when we took a Sunday afternoon drive to the back country. We sold our downtown condo, moved into our new home on a sweet little piece of heaven and now have a dream come true of growing grapes for future wine!

Bill is a retired Air Traffic Controller from San Diego who loved working with the aviation community for 35 years.

I worked with the FAA for 15 years and then, when Bill retired, we decided to teach Aviation English in China. It was very exciting, teaching in a foreign country, frustrating, and at times exhausting. But, we felt we contributed to the safety of the world’s flying public.

After a stint of five years in China, working for Boeing Aircraft as consultants, we returned to San Diego. We were ready for a change of pace.

A vineyard was the perfect answer! So, we are a young vineyard and we are very excited about our grapes! We may have a harvest this year!

Linda - July 2014

©Eliza Faye Photography